Sweet Scultpure

My design is often inspired by the art world, and the works of Benedetta Mori Ubaldini serve as one of those muses. The Italian artist produces almost dream-like sculpture using wire that's rolled by hand to create these fluid shapes and animals. You know when designers use a computer to create a three-dimensional sketch of their design? That's what these look like, but they're actually multidimensional.

Ubaldini was trained in London, but now works in Milan. It's incredible that she can create such delicate sculpture from wire simply using her hands and color. The animals take on an almost mythical, magical feeling. I'd love to use them in a large living space, either indoors or outside. They're whimsical, yet used in a series or in multiples, take on a more formal, sophisticated tone. That's something I amore.

Christine BenedettiComment