Floating Fandango

Twirling skirts and enveloping fabrics that seem to float in mid-air that's precisely what the Spanish dance and Danny Fang-designed lighting fixture by the same name convey: fandango. And who doesn't like a little flirty playfulness as the centerpiece to any room? 

Fang graduated from the Design Academy Eindhoven in 1998. He went on to found his own company, Hong Kong-based Fang Studios, and subsequently received the prestigious Design for Asia Award. Besides his own company, Fang designs for Hive, a collaborative manufacturing facility that focuses specifically on lighting. What a bright idea! 

While the Fandango pendant light is romantic, Fang's Dutch training and east-Asian sensibilities shine through in a design that's structured yet ethereal. Made from muslin cotton cloth, the layers can be manipulated to change shape and texture, providing different angles of light for a room. Like a flower or drifting jellyfish, the Fandango pendant light changes shape from every perspective, and that's why we love this piece that serves to shine light, but is truly a work of art.