Designing Simplicity

Design is in the details, right? And while stark, simple neutral tones may imply a basic interior, for us, it's the opposite. We intentionally focus on a natural palette -- think beige, white and grey -- to let bright, bold accent colors be even more striking.  There's something about a room with several shades of white that calms the mind, and spirit, allowing residents to spend energy on life's more important details (although we don't recommend it for people with young kids!). 

This New York City apartment was the perfect place to simplify with muted tones. In a city full of noise, grit and activity, this calm room offers a respite and antidote. While most of it's white, by varying texture -- from marble to wood and even a latticed ceiling -- everything is actually rich. While it wouldn't have the same effect in the mountains of Aspen, where nature provides a authentic compliment, a bustling city showcases our favorite (non)color palette right now.  

Christine BenedettiComment