Rest Your Head: KD Designs to Release Pillows

After more than a decade in the interior design business, KD Designs is launching into offering its own line: pillows. Using leftover materials from other projects, our line will feature unique pillows which are perfect for accenting the Aspen home. It's a happy marriage which ensures waste is minimized, and buyers can capitalize on the good taste used in other projects. 

"Pillows are a fun way to put color and a different texture into a room," says Kristin Dittmar. "It’s an easy change if you need a fresh look for a room."

Dittmar is using the knowledge she's gained in the interior design world to manufacture her own pillows, which will be available for the public to purchase. 

The pillows will be constructed in a Carbondale workroom using extra material, sourced from the United States, Europe and Australia. They will come in all shapes and sizes, and can be custom ordered depending on a client's needs. Interested buyers should contact KD Designs directly for questions on availability and pricing. 

No need to sleep on that!