PUtting the Shimmer in Shopping

To call passing by Manhattan storefronts during the holidays "window shopping" is an insult. Many of the nation's most reputable department stores transform their exteriors into pieces of art, making the past time of strolling by and viewing the works more of an exercise in gallery viewing than simply scoping the stores. 

Luxury store Barney's partnered with Lexus to present a scene called "Arctic Chase," featuring a one-minute animation of glittery penguins chasing one another. For Bloomingdale's, designer Jeff Leatham installed mirrored animals with floral displays to create a classy and enchanting scene. 

Sticking with the bright and shiny theme, Bergdorf Goodman honored Swarovski's 120th anniversary with a dazzling crystal display featuring adorned dancing figures and crystal balls. And jewelry giant Tiffany & Co. took the opportunity to show off its signature blue with in winter scenes of miniature animals. 

We may not have the exquisite storefronts here in Aspen, but can thank Mother Nature for putting on her own shimmery show. 

Christine BenedettiComment