What Shined At Milan Design Week 2015

Event Synopsis:

Milan Design Week 2015

People often associate Milan with high fashion, but it's the Italian city's annual design week that gets our attention. The who's who in high-end furniture and decorating ended earlier this week, but its influences will carry on throughout the year. More than 300,000 people attended, browsing some 1,400 exhibitors and their creations. Here are a few of our take-aways:

What's better than Florence-based fashion house Emilio Pucci? When Pucci enters the furniture world, that's what is. This partnership caught eyes and made headlines when French architect Phillipe Starck launched a series of chairs for Italian chair makers Kartell. The exquisite design features the rich prints for which Pucci is recognized, on the sleek design from Starck. The particular collection shown at Milan Fashion Week is world themed, with colorful prints featuring Rome's Piazza di Spagna, avenue Montaigne in Paris, Manhattan's skyscrapers and Shanghai's most characteristic districts.

UNESCO declared 2015 the International Year of Light, the year in which Euroluce, the biennial exhibition devoted to excellence in the world of lighting, celebrates its 28th edition. This is beyond basic light bulbs. The leading sector event, Euroluce, continues to showcase the very latest in lighting solutions for homes, offices, hospitality and the outdoors, as well as light sources and lighting design software. What a bright idea!

When a fashion house and design studio are given free reign over an installation at a design show, this happens...

Cos partnered with Snarkitecture to develop an interactive installation featuring more than 100,000 strips of perforated and translucent fabric to create a dream-like cloud layer in which visitors had to navigate through on their path to the fashion collection. Inspired by Cos's spring/summer collection, the effect was ethereal and light. Now we can't wait to see what the rest of their line will look like.

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