Don't Be Blue



St. Barths may be a 10-square-mile island floating in the Caribbean Sea, but it doesn't take more than getting off the plane to recognize its Franco-influence. And when the rich culture of France meets the island swagger of the sea, it's paradise.


A recent visit to Cheval Blanc reminded me there's more to airy beachy design than myriad shades of blue. From the terracotta and flamingo-hued roofs that pepper the buildings on the island, to the pops of pink in everything from cabana beds and even our drinks, a touch of soft pink was just the right hue to soften the feel of the 40-room resort.

The island's laid-back and intimate beach vibe leant itself to the cobalt skies above and the turquoise ocean before us. Everywhere we looked it was blue. But, the French were onto something when they injected the warmth of pink into their architecture, and it's a design tool I'll take home as a souvenir.

Raise a glass of rose to that.