Coloring Outside the Lines

The design world often mimics what's happening in fashion -- or vice versa. This has been obvious in recent years with the geometric print craze. Chevron, argyle, bayadere stripes, tartan and trellis are all popular clothing prints, and we're seeing them on pillows, bed covers, blankets and even wallpaper. 

These geometric lines loosened on the fall runway, like this Caroline Herrera gown. Soon enough, we were seeing that trend in homes such as Kristin Jackson's of The Hunted Interior. Instead of perfectly balanced shapes, they're a bit tipsy and that's just the way we like it!

But it goes beyond shapes. Lines are blurry too. Moroccan patterns have been popular in both the fashion and interior-design worlds. Now, this is being demonstrated on the runway and in living rooms -- seen in this runway-to-room image. The Greenwich Village space combines antiques with modern decor, the Beni Ourain rug is the room's statement piece.

While the craze has leaned toward shapes and stripes, with current trends tipping to floral, how long will it take until flowers make it back into our houses -- just like grandma's?