In Plain Sight

Does it seem like there are people painting outside everywhere this past week? That's on purpose. They're painting en plein air, a French term used to describe just what is sounds like: people creating art out in the open. Usually, the result is landscapes, street scenes and incorporation of natural elements that depend on light -- and something that will stay still. 

The Roaring Fork Valley's beauty is what makes it the ideal place for the Plein Air Festival. This year, 21 Colorado artists have spent the week in, and around, Aspen. Now, what they've produced is on sale at the Limelight Hotel through the weekend, with the proceeds benefiting host organization, the Red Brick. 

Each participating artist -- who was selected by jury -- was required to produce six pieces over the course of the week they spent here, all featuring locally inspired scenes. Expect imagery of the Maroon Bells, rolling Owl Creek pastures, and al fresco dining on the town's pedestrian malls. 

When you live here,  you don't necessarily take for granted how beautiful it is, but sometimes forget just how picturesque our walk to work or drive downvalley can be. Nature is an essential muse to my work, and I'm often incorporating organic elements into design. If I need some inspiration, I just head outdoors. And, it's nice to artists doing the same. 

If you go: 
Limelight Hotel, 355 S. Monarch St. 

Friday and Saturday: 
10 a.m. to 7 p.m.
Sunday, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.