Fashion-Inspired Interiors

When you've held senior positions at Women's Wear Daily and W Magazine, and then discover you also have a love of interior design, it only seems logical to marry the two. And that's just what Wendy King Philips did. She and her partner, Carl Philips, launched Interlude Home, a fashion-meets-furniture-and-decor company, curating fashion-inspired pieces and design ideas into one place. 

"Fashion is our language," says Philips on her site. Her careful eye in the fashion world parlays into special finds. For example, she recently traveled to Europe and reignited her passion for leather in the nooks of Parisian shops. And while it's a pleasure to wear, she notes that it's also seen in everything from foot stools to baskets this season. 

Another company noticing the fashion-with-function trend is Salt & Water. After New York Fashion Week, the design studio noted that modular clothes -- wrap-arounds, layered shirts and jumpers -- can be repurposed each season and furniture mimics that with its own version of stacking and reorganizing, allowing interiors to be upgraded without always replacing everything. 

Salt & Water Design

Salt & Water Design

Both Interlude and Salt & Water are doing something we admire, by mirroring design with fashion. If copying is the highest form of flattery, then don't be surprised if we take a note from them. 

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