A Touch of Blush

When people think of interior decorating with blush tone -- aka several shades of light pink similar to a rose wine -- they may be reminded of the '80s, when the color was overused in often curious situations. Today, it's lovely accent used for much more than little girls' rooms. 

We love it for the warmth it add to otherwise neutral color palettes. An alpine Aspen living room done in shades of black, gray and white can immediately be transformed into a cozier space with just a touch of blush. 

And besides lightening stark rooms, light pink can also be reminiscent of a French countryside or St. Barths' cabana, putting a romantic touch on any setting. In Aspen interior design, we are constantly incorporating the natural environment so that the transition between home and surroundings is seamless; using blush is such a pleasant and surprising way to do this. Go ahead: Use a little blush today and don't let if flush your cheeks at the same time. 

Christine BenedettiComment