3 Interior Design Trends We Love

We're still fresh into 2016, and that means we get to think about the design trends that excite us most for the coming year -- and do away with the ones we didn't like from last year. Like fashion, interior design trends are always changing. Sometimes they sample from the past and other times they're completely new. Here are three which do a little of both. 

Black Metal: It's not flashy and that's great when it comes to decorating this year. Dark steels are versatile and being seen everywhere from bathroom fixtures to overwrought bed frames. In these cases, the black is easily complemented by the lighter palettes often found in these rooms and together they're a nice contrast. Another benefit of black metal? Guaranteed sturdiness. 

Scandinavian Flat Weave: Goodbye sisal and jute carpeting and hello folksy weaves. The geometric prints are serious centerpieces and a playful splash to any room. In alpine Aspen, Scandinavia's sleek and contemporary designs are versatile enough to complement the most modern or chateau-like home. 

Mexican Midcentury Modernism: Combining the clean lines of modern design with cultural flair, such as natural wood and stone elements, is at the heart of Mexican midcentury design. And it's coming back. Here in the mountains, these two things go together like champagne and apres -- clean design with natural accents is what alpine style is all about. 

Christine BenedettiComment