All Smiles with New Snow

The storm that walloped the Elk Mountains this week left nearly 40 inches of fresh snow and huge smiles in its wake. It started Saturday night and the sun didn't shine again until Tuesday afternoon, revealing a winter wonderland that valley residents had been enjoying on skis and snowboards for days. 

With school canceled and the six-inch rule in full effect, each morning the line at the Silver Queen Gondola on Aspen Mountain wound up like a maze next to The Little Nell. But despite the crowds, people were polite and excited -- and there was plenty of snow for all to enjoy. Most of the town must have been on the slopes (not sure much got down in the way of the work) and that includes us. Interior design can wait when there's this much snow to ski. 

Lap after lap produced bottomless runs. People proclaimed it the best days they'd ever had. Others whimpered in pain from being too sore and tired. Regardless, it makes for one happy community when people can start their day skiing like a hero. We know we'll be talking about it for years to come. 

Christine BenedettiComment