Tiling On: Multiples Are Better Than One

Guess what's better than one plain porcelain tile? Lots of them. Neutral colored tiles have a misappropriated reputation for being boring, and interior designers will opt for bright colors or different materials to make a splash instead. But recent trends are proving that lots of natural colors together can make one striking effect. 

We tried on the ceiling for a recent home in Aspen. By combining several shades from one palette -- white, ivory, pearl, taupe, ash-gray, gray and black -- into different geometric shapes the product can be as impressive as surfaces that appear more intricately designed. Simple square, rectangular and hexagonal shapes can be transformed into elaborate patterns resembling circles, flowers, blossoms and bursts. 

This sort of design is great for Aspen's alpine environment, where natural earth tones are abundant. It allows us to bring in some of the outdoors inside in an elegant way, while channeling the coastal climates in which tiles are often more popular. It's a design tip that once again proves multiples are better than one.