Going Gonzo

The spirit, and works, of Hunter S. Thompson are still alive in Aspen. The irreverent, flamboyant and sometimes controversial writer was known for his fight against authority and reckless lifestyle, as well as his revered style of journalism which became known as "gonzo." He killed himself in 2005, and some would say it ended an era in Aspen. 

But, the Gonzo Gallery and a team of dedicated fans are making sure his legacy lives on. Founded by DJ Watkins, the Gonzo Gallery is a place that keeps the energy of Thompson's Freak Power movement burning. The gallery is home to dozens of works including artist Thomas Benton's campaign and wall posters created for Thompson's various political movements, as well as works by Ralph Steadman and William Burroughs. 

The posters are iconic around town, and we even used one in a recent renovation as a piece of local flair to fit the home's interior design decor. 

Besides being a homebase for Thompson's ongoing legacy, the gallery is also a space for emerging artists. Each Saturday, Watkins and his team host an opening reception along with a party, music and libations. It's added vitality to Aspen's downtown scene, and something even Thompson may have supported.