Hot for Herringbone

Because we live in the mountains we talk a lot about finding inspiration in nature. In Aspen, this alpine environment inspires everything from wall textures to earthy tones in our interior design. But sometimes nature does more than inspire; it actually creates and we just mimic it. 

That's the case with the herringbone pattern. The repetition of staggered rectangles comes from the pattern found in the bones of a fish, like the herring. When stacked a 45-degree angle, the herringbone creates an incredible design touch. It can be used in everything from tiled walls to fabric patterns. It gives enough texture to add some complexity to otherwise simple spaces. With the right material, it gives a modern edge even though the pattern is actually timeless and classic. 

We're giving the herringbone a two-tone kick in a current project (not pictured below, but used for inspiration). Layering the rectangles in two different colors adds a dynamic element. Here it's done in with a sense of randomness, but when stacked in symmetrical style it can also create a pretty stunning visual effect.  That Mother Nature, she was really onto something when she came up with this one.