Layer Up

Living in the mountains, we all know about the art of layering. It's integral to any outdoor activity, during which the weather can change from sunny and 70 to snowing and sleeting in just minutes. By wearing coats and long sleeves over T-shirts and tanks, we can avoid overheating or being too cold. But did you know you can apply layering to interior design too? 

That's right. One of the easiest ways to cozy up a room and give it some messy vitality is to layer colorful rugs. It can either be done by using different prints on prints to create a kaleidoscopic effect. Or simply put a bright, shaped rug over something neutral like a sisal rug to add some depth to the floor coverings. 

Layering isn't limited to rugs though. On couches, use a set of throw pillows in different colors and textures. On the wall, even try layering curtains -- something airy over a sturdier drape. And even on the coffee table, stack and layer books and decorative materials like boxes for a three-dimensional splash. The key to this is to no overdo it. While it may be appropriate to layer a few areas in a room, don't do it everything. Just like dressing for the mountains, you don't want to end up with too much stuff.