Bottoms Up: Food & Wine

Lanyards with plastic credentials aren't the newest international fashion statement just arriving late to Aspen, but it might seem that way this weekend. The Food & Wine Classic returns for its 34th year, bringing three official days of industry seminars, celebrity chefs, private parties and a solid wine buzz to our Rocky Mountain town. To gain access to the weekend's most coveted event, the Grand Tastings, it will require tracking down one of said lanyards from someone who had the foresight to purchase passes to the sold-out Classic months ago. Or, play like a local and snag one from a guest who's willing to part ways with with theirs for an afternoon. 

But sometimes the weekend's best events take place outside of the tent. Restaurateurs, craft distilleries and specialty food brands will often host public drop-in events throughout the weekend. The easiest way to figure what these are is to literally walk down the street. Pop-up events take place in galleries, stores and restaurants throughout town. We've even seen an impromptu party in a park, hosted by The Little Nell, to cure everyone's hangover on Monday. 

We're going to be ditching our interior design duties to partake in the fun (though we're always looking for inspiration from well-heeled visitors). If you plan to head out too, make sure to walk or ride a bike, because wine buzz; wear wedges or flats as heels aren't great for grass; and hide that lanyard unless you're actually using it!