A White Flat on Warren Street

Like Mother Nature, we went totally white this winter. Of course we love Aspen during ski season, but we're delighted to announce that we also spent a lot of time New York City on a complete interior redesign for a flat on Warren Street. And to offset the gritty side of Manhattan, we made sure it was serene respite enveloped in the simplicity of white. 

By allowing natural light to bounce off the the white walls, counters and furniture, it makes the room seem even brighter than it is. That airy feeling is sometimes reserved for seaside bungalows, but we love using it here right in the heart of the Big Apple. (Yes, Kristin Dittmar Design has expanded business nationwide.) Subtle touches like large photographic prints and items from the couple's travels personalize the rooms. Natural tones are seen in throw pillows, and soft rugs warm common areas. 

Our vision for this property was chic with style. By focusing on a very neutral palette, but combining things like textures, the emphasis is placed on the feeling of the space rather than the space itself. This was designed for a young couple starting their lives together in a new city, and what better way to represent blank slate than by a true representation of that in their living quarters?