Times Square Goes X-Rated

New York City's Times Square public art installation will make you lie down. Literally, and that's the point for the "XXX Time Square With Love." Three X-shaped loungers are situated in the middle of what's arguably the busiest public square in the country, and they're there to invite people to take a seat. 

Designed by Jurgen Mayer H., the bright pink Xs are supposed to encourage people to see Times Square from a different perspective: either by looking up to the frenetic media that encloses it, or by simply slowing down and staying static to experience the area in an altered pace. 

And, staying true to today's trends, everyone is of course encouraged to take a selfie on the installation, using the hashtag #tsqxxx. People can also capture their surroundings and post those too. 

The project was unveiled on Wednesday. Besides being interactive, Mayer's work is also a nod to the Times Square's storied past. Before it was revitalized -- or "Disney-fied" to some people -- the area was more sinister and included an criminal activity and an adult entertainment industry. Gotta love that. XXX.