Making Sitting Fun

Gone are the days of Lazy Boy recliners and staid seating. Instead, the act of sitting is now playful and fun, thanks to new lines introduced by several designers this fall. And don't expect anything plain; what makes these chairs enjoyable is the color, design and texture. 

Take, for example, the modernized ottoman. Called the "fig seat," Yellow Goat Designs put a high-pressure laminate top on each of them -- in bright colors like pink, yellow and spring green -- making it a fun addition to any kid's room, or a bright splash in a neutral room for adults too. 

Los Angeles-based Bend goods released this rainbow-inspired line of stacking chairs. They obviously pop against an outdoor, yellow wall (pictured here), but imagine them around a marble or wood  table. We love the idea of mixing modern with classic, and these chairs coupled with a timeless piece can make that happen. Plus, with summers so short in Aspen, why limit yourself to using these chairs for just a couple of months? Bring them indoors and put a smile on your face all year long.

Christine BenedettiComment