Beautifying the Bedroom

As the seasons change, we spend more time indoors. Warm afternoons give way to cool nights, and we're finding ourselves lingering in bed just a little bit longer. That got us thinking about how important the bedroom is when it comes to personal happiness in the house. It's a refuge, and should be stress-free, inducing calm instead of a storm. 

There are a lot of ways to achieve this state. The first and least expensive — although sometimes the hardest — is to get rid of the clutter. Chests of drawers covered in books, photos and jewelry might seem like a personal touch, but they're also the first thing you see when you go to bed and wake up — reminding you of all the things in your life. Clear off the countertops and nightstands to simplify. 

Adding a place to sit rounds out the room. The bed is for sleeping (and other things) so make space to be in the room, but not horizontal. Adding chairs in a corner gives you a spot to curl up and read or chat on the phone, and still offers that sense of calm without putting you to sleep.

Breathe some life into the bedroom with green. Fresh-cut flowers or plants add a freshness to the space which offers a sense of rejuvenation. Small touches like this may seem mundane, but you'll be amazed at how quickly they can transform your bedroom into a sanctuary. There's no need to sleep on that. 

Christine BenedettiComment