Marble and Wood Rule

In November we completed the interior design of a four-story, five-bedroom house on Aspen's Red Mountain. While its spectacular views rule in terms of what catches the eye, inside the marble and barnwood layering throughout almost every room of the house turned out to be beautiful too. (CVLux magazine out of California thought so too, and featured us this month.)

Where white walls were once the decor de rigueur, now textured accents have stepped in. We used barnwood in bedrooms, community spaces and an entertainment room with a bar area, pictured below. It softens the feel of the space and is also a gesture to the surrounding forested landscape. 

In the bedrooms and living spaces, we used the linear texture of the barnwood to complement a series of insets. Used for books, photos and even lighting, these nooks and crannies help to create natural dimension and give the walls their own personality. 

Another natural material that's a must is marble. For the kitchens and bathrooms we used the classic white stone. When paired with wood, as seen below, the contrast works as a complement. Elegant with alpine style. (And who can resist that tub with a view?) Overall the natural elements and tones work together and we are proud to be the start of turning this house into a home.