Sink Statement


The bathroom sink may not seem all that important in the scheme of things, but they actually say a lot about a home andits owners. Their function is pretty basic: to wash hands, face, teeth, and the occasional bra. But our interaction with these handsome little sinks are also quite intimate. They are the last stop before getting into bed. In the powder room, they are usually our first moment alone in someone else’s home. 

Sort of like glassware, it’s just a simple vessel for water, but the execution makes all the difference. Here are a few things to think about when designing a sink. 

Round Hole, Square Sink

Some people swear by the rectangle. Some prefer a circle or oval. There isn’t really a wrong answer. It’s really just a matter of preference.


UP or Down

There’s something sort of nice about the pedestal sink. They are a bit closer and oddly reminiscent of the old-fashioned pitcher and bowl. They also make more of a visual statement. The flush sink is cleaner, classic … and easier to clean. 




Our selection of marble offers a beautiful array of colors and textures. From the elegant, chic blacks, to subtle shades of pink and gold. It all has to fit into the larger scheme, but nothing feels quite so luxurious as when you tap that razor on the soft, beautiful stone.  



The Faucet

Sometimes the most expensive part of the sink setup, the faucet is perhaps the clutch aesthetic detail.  Nothing can depreciate the feel of home faster than a cheapo faucet. We love Vola faucets because they are clean, modern and you can get creative with placement.  


Check out our full sink selection here.  

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