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Have You Been to All the New Restaurants & Bars in Aspen Yet? 

2018 has seen quite a litany of new eateries popping up around town. Left to right above: Clark’s, Plato’s and 7908. But have you been to them all?


7908: Of course, if you didn’t make it into 7908 over the summer, make sure it’s on your list this winter for a late-night dinner or drinks. The caviar nachos are already legendary and the decor is beyond reproach. Website

Plato’s: The reception center at the Aspen Meadows just got a fresh re-do and a new menu by chef Jason Thompson. The decor is still, a bit, cold, but the views are fantastic and the food is really tasty and strikes a nice balance of familiar, but inventive.  Website

Clark’s: Opened last June in the old Annie’s location, Clark’s has become an instant classic. (Sorry Annie’s. We still miss you!) The Nantucket theme should be totally out of place, but it works. Plus the food is great. Don’t believe us? Ask Kevin Costner. We’ve seen him there twice! Website

Public House Aspen

Public House: There was much fuss over who would become the new tenant at the former Justice Snow’s inside the Wheeler Opera House building. Public House slid in without much fanfare, but for anyone looking for a tasty, easy meal this is a great addition to the Aspen dining scene. Website

Henrietta’s: This “secret” speakeasy is named after Jerome’s wife Henrietta. Underneath the old Aspen Times building, the room is everything you would expect of the Hotel Jerome decor. Make sure and call ahead for a reservation. It’s going to be very popular come winter.

Velvet Buck: This will technically be the second winter for the new-ish restaurant inside the St. Regis. There’s a nice bar menu for locals, and uber-Colorado comfort food for those who have travelled for a proper steak or rack of lamb.  Website


EPM Winter House: There are roughly five restaurants in New York that are often referred to as “the best” and 11 Madison Park is currently at the top of the heap. After a successful summer pop-up in the Hamptons (EMP Summer House), co-owners Daniel Humm (its chef) and Will Guidarais will open a Bavarian / Alpine themed EMP Winter House. FYI, you will probably need to make reservations through your American Express card, or do a walk-in with cash. Guess AMEX is finally taking their revenge on those old Visa ads.

Welcome to Aspen's Newest Supper Club: 7908 - KD's Latest Design

Located at Number 415 on the Hyman Mall –and 7,908 feet above sea level – is Roger Wilson’s new supper club with food by Chef Charif Souki and design by Kristin Dittmar … that’s us. Big enough to accommodate a restaurant, bar and night club, the supper club opened in July and is resting up for the winter season. 

With almost 6,000 square feet to play with, my challenge was to make the room feel grand, but also create plenty of cozy spots. For example, I made sure the lady-finger banquettes had nice deep corners for friends to snuggle while they enjoy an order of the already famous caviar nachos. 


Some of my other favorite details include:

  • A custom “dance box,” sort of a “stage for one” just off the DJ booth.

  • Special tables in the night club that can be raised and lowered to accommodate eating, drinking, and late-night dancing. Mind the heels girls!

  • Perhaps my favorite detail is in the one room I never get to visit. The men’s room floor is done in black and white marble tiles which I had specially cut to look like a plaid carpet – just something for the boys to appreciate when their glancing down.