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To The Manor Born: Ping-Pong’s Posh History (and Future)

This Friday, August 25th, we're very excited to unveil our custom designed ping-pong table. Made entirely from the Carrara marble, this elegant, made-to-order show-piece will be a beautiful addition to any room. Come this Friday and test your skills with our tournament and plenty of free cocktails. 

If you're having a hard time imagining Ping-pong tables anywhere but the basement, you may be surprised to learn that the game was actually born in the tony smoking rooms of English country houses.  


Victorian England marked high tide for the British Empire and with that world domination came lots of big houses, big parties and a robust class of idle rich. The legend goes that British soldiers on leave from India came home with a fun new parlor game that required only a flat surface, some books and a golf ball. A modified champagne cork would do in a pinch. And so it came to be, table tennis, whiff-whaff, or Ping-pong which an industrious British manufacturer packaged, trademarked and later sold to Parker Brothers. 

By the 1920s, Ping-pong had become a bona fide thing, with the founding of the International Table Tennis Federation and first official world championship in 1926. Today Ping-pong is enjoying a Millennial resurgence at social clubs like SPiN, which has branches across the country and of course soon to be the Birkin Bag of your Aspen home. 

P.S. In addition to the Ping-pong table, we also have a line of custom marble sink, side tables and sculptures.